Bee Eco Wraps

Bee Eco Wraps are a revolutionary earth friendly substitute for plastic shopping bags and disposable paper wrappers. A simple, green and earth-friendly product that just feels incredible in today’s earth! Hand-made, locally produced cloth kitchen bags from GOTS-certified organic raw fabric, bee wax; coconut oil; locally grown, sustainable coconut and olive oils. The best part about these eco friendly grocery shopping bags is that they can be reused many times and turned into cashmere baby blankets, decorative pillows and bedding. With a little over three feet of stretchy, soft material in each size (8 oz., 100% cotton) you’ll sleep like a baby, while protecting the environment and your bank account at the same time!

bee eco wraps

Here Is What You Should Do For Your Bee Eco Wraps

Bee Eco Wraps are a unique, green and earth-friendly alternative to disposable plastic shopping bags and paper wrapping that make shopping more enjoyable and help to protect the environment. These wraps are made from sustainable raw materials such as bamboo palm fibers, recycled denim and organic cotton from the GOTS certified organic cloth industry. Bee wraps also made a great gift for the home or office; simply wash and use!

Bee Eco Wraps will help you save money while helping to protect our environment. Did you know that paper bags and wrappers can take up to 10 years to decompose? By using these eco-friendly eco wraps, you will have the ability to reuse them, reducing waste and preventing more trash from entering our landfills. Did you know that global warming is real and is causing us to suffer from severe weather conditions that could be more damaging to our planet? By using beeswax and gots certified organic cloth from Australia, we are helping to reduce the threats we face by reducing air pollution, and increasing the “green” aspect of our lives.

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