IDX Real Estate Review

Showcaseidx of everything that is possible on the internet. The IDX Real Estate network offers many unique opportunities to property investors, from listing your property on multiple MLS (Multiple Listing Service) sites to driving massive amounts of traffic to your site. As the largest and most successful online realty company in North America, IDX has achieved nearly cult-like status amongst investors, brokers, and realtors. In this article I’ll discuss what sets IDX apart from other realty companies, as well as how you can use the company’s marketing plan to boost your own realty earnings.

Features of This Amazing Property Search Network

IDX Realty Network: The IDX network offers some unique features over other real estate companies. For example, their realty webpages are not like any other network marketing webpages, as they offer visitors a free desktop version of the home valuation tool. The tool allows visitors to enter in the city, state, zip code, sales price, and mortgage amount into a quick form that is then sent to the IDX headquarters for analysis and action. These reports are then emailed to the subscribers of the IDX Real Estate mailing list so that they can see the value of their homes immediately. Other great features include:

Market Surveys: One of the best things about the IDX Real Estate website is that the market surveys that they offer are extremely useful for home valuation purposes. As a property investor, it is important to know how much your property is worth before you list it for sale or negotiate terms for a purchase. Through the market survey tools provided by IDX, you will be able to receive valuable feedback on how your property is valued by national, regional, and local realty professionals. These market surveys help property investors to determine if they are paying too much for a house, what they should expect to pay next time when they list it for sale, and which neighborhoods in their area are currently selling at higher prices. These surveys are available through several different websites, so taking advantage of them all is easy.

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