The 5th Wheel Hitches – Trailer Towing and Trailer Hitches

Gooseneck hitches can be one of the most confusing truck accessories on the market. Over the past few years, they have gained notoriety as being used by people who just want to make their truck look cool. The funny thing is that these little dings are actually quite useful if you understand how they work. Through the next few articles, you will learn the difference between a regular bumper hitch and a gooseneck hitch, and the benefits and limitations of having each kind.


When comparing these two common towing accessories, you first need to understand how the gooseneck hitch works. Rather than using a center piece which is usually attached to the truck’s frame by a series of nuts and bolts, the gooseneck hitch mounts to the front end of the trailer by means of a king pin. This allows the hitch to expand and contract based on the position of the trailer, making it very versatile and practical when towing larger trailers or larger trucks.


As far as the king pin goes, this is actually where your towing power comes from. So when you’re looking for a towing power source, look for something that offers more torque or “tow bite,” since this is what you will be using to increase the stability of your vehicle when towing. With the gooseneck hitches, it’s all about grabbing a hold of the trailer with your hand and then using your other hand to guide the hitched trailer into the ground. The benefit to using the bed gooseneck hitch with larger vehicles is that the added height will make you be able to drive straight up and down the road with much less effort, while using less fuel. And of course, if you only have a small tow to increase your truck’s functionality, the smaller gooseneck hitch is a great choice because you’ll have no problems getting a tight spot to tow a bigger trailer.

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