The Tennis Academy Au – Professional Tennis Training on Wheels

Tennis Academy AU

The John M. McEnroe Tennis Academy was established in New York City, by tennis star John M. McEnroe. The academy was established in September 2021, near the ocean shore of Randalls Island in Manhattan, on a large and exclusive tennis court, designed and built by renowned architect Ricardo Zurita. The tennis courts at the academy are the latest in tennis facilities to be constructed in New York City, and are the biggest in the United States. Constructed with a unique and eye-catching design concept, the tennis courts at the academy are technologically advanced and feature a complete slate of amenities, which give the students the opportunity to enjoy their training as much as they enjoy the tennis itself – discover here

How To Do Professional Tennis Training on Wheels

Training at the tennis academy is extremely enjoyable. There are three different practice courts located on different levels within the complex, allowing the student to practice to his or her heart’s content, and without having to travel too far from the academy. The tennis courts are completely carpeted, providing the tennis players with the ideal surface to train on. Due to the nature of the practice facilities, there is never a lack of cross country practice opportunities. Students also have the option of using a wide variety of tennis equipment, including the popular Reebok Core Performance shoes, which provide the tennis players with maximum grip on their feet and give them the best performance possible on the tennis court.

The tennis training programs offered by the Tennis Academy Au are designed exclusively to give the student the maximum benefit from their training time. Each student is individually supervised, to ensure that each individual receives the utmost benefit out of their training, both learning and playing their part in the building of professional tennis careers after school. The tennis training programs run all year around, from early morning warm up sessions to intense competitive training during the winter months. The academy even offers annual fitness and conditioning training, so as to maintain maximum fitness, both for the physical training of each student, as well as the more mental aspects such as game motivation and concentration.

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